Man Kills Bestfriend for Referring Him to Barber that ‘Fucked Up’ his Hairline

“Nigga never played bout his hair” – Mama

Said Lakwon after being arrested for first degree murder for shooting his best friend DeMarcus.

Lakwon shot his bestfriend DeMarcus after he visited a new barber referred to by him, and received what he described as “the worse haircut of my life” stating that barber, Rodney Billins, pushed his hairline back an astounding 2 inches. “It was ridiculous” Said Lakwon.

Lakwon shot DeMarcus at point blank range later that night after a group of girls laughed at his haircut at a party, and DeMarcus joined in on the laughter, but not for long.


“No way that was the barber Demarcus actually went to, because his line-ups be crispy.” – Lawkon

DeMarcus’s funeral will be held at the real barbershop he goes to, because that’s what he would’ve wanted according to his actual barber. Friends of LaKwon say his shit been fucked up.