Man Says He Didn’t Pay Child Support Because Police Had Him Afraid to Leave Home

LMAOOO I Done Heard it All! An Atlanta man says he hasn’t paid child support in the last FIVE MONTHS…. Because All the Police Brutality Has Him Afraid to Leave the House (Say he can’t work and has Nightmares!! Yall believe him?)

“I’d rather them not have the money than not have a Father”

One New York man claims he hasn’t left his Bedstuy home to pay child support, because he believes with all the police brutality going on …he might not make it back. “I just sit home smoke weed and Xbox live my life away.”


“Police killing black folks is at an all time high. Not saying it was ever low”

Jonathan says he would’ve put it in the mail, but he lives in a really nice apartment and thinks the police will arrest him for robbery if they see him inside of it.