Jay Z Files for Divorce After Beyonce Asks Him to Stop Wearing Timberlands and NY Caps

“I know I’m going on 46, but there’s just some things that come with dating a New York Nigga”

Jay Z filed for divorce from his wife of 8 years after she asked him to stop wearing Timberlands and fitted caps.

Jay Z says his wife’s request are unfair being that she knows he’s a “New York Nigga” and asking them to stop wearing Timberlands and New York fitted caps is like asking their heart to stop beating.


“New York Niggas bleed Timberlands, fitted caps, and words like ‘B’ and deadass.” – Jay-Z

Jay Z says it took everything in him to file for divorce, but doesn’t regret it, because he’s already looking forward to rocking Timberlands twice as much this coming Winter.