Snapchat Founder Adds 6 L’s to Meek Mill’s Username as Joke

“The L is for Losses. At least that’s what my black friend told me.”

Said Snapchat founder about adding 6 L’s to the end of Meek Mill’s username on the social media app.

The founder of Snapchat thought it would be funny to add 6 L’s to the end of rapper Meek Mill’s username, because his recent slew of L’s taken within the rap industry.

“Plus i’m a big fan of The Game. He just makes me want to take be controversial, and take d**k pics.” – Snapchat Founder

Snapchat’s founder says he can’t wait until Meek calls them yelling, because he wants to know if he really talks that loud in person. “I want people to know thugs have feelings too.” Said Meek.