Study Reveals 35% of African Americans Overslept Election Day, Missing Their Chance to Vote

“We literally slept our way back into slavery.” Said one man who openly admitted to oversleeping and missing his chance to vote. “Now Trump’s in office, and I’m gonna have to figure out how to be a house n*gga. Because I ain’t pickin’ no cotton”

Study reveals that more than 35% of African Americans under the age of 25 overslept during election day,and missed their chances to voice their opinion by voting. Which equates to about 1.5 million votes not being counted.

“Trump’s POTUS, because n*ggas don’t know how to set an alarm on their iPhone. This some bullsh*t.”

Said one angry voter, that says he turned down some head just to make it to the polls in time to vote. Now that’s dedication.