Teen Kills Mother for Buying Him a Pair of ‘Team Jordans’ for Back-to-School

“Bitch tried to embarass me”

Lemarcus was accused of stabbing his mother 4 and a half times until she bled out.

Lemarcus Ronoke-Johnson was arrested for murdering his mother after she bought him Team Jordans for back to school instead of regular retro Jordans, which Lemarcus says is what all the kids wear.

Air Jordan 6 Retro Carmine-06710444

“She knew what she was doing. Her wack ass boyfriend wear team Jordans and I was always snapping on that n*gga.”

Lemarcus is facing 47 years in jail for first degree murder and says if he gets one pair of real retro Jordans while on lock down it was all worth it.