Gucci Mane Taking Time Off Rap to Go Back to School to Get G.E.D.

“I wanna be a scientist. If I can cook coke. I’m sure I can whip up some shit that might cure aids” Said Gucci Mane

Rapper Gucci Mane announced on his snapchat that he would be taking time off from rap to go back to school and get his G.E.D.


“I changed my health. I changed how I look. Now I want to inspire kids to put down the glock and pick up a book.”

Gucci Mane says he will be getting home schooled until he’s off house arrest and will then enroll in a local G.E.D. program that allows him to bring his gun on campus.

Stevie J Arrested on Stage at B.E.T. Awards for Back Child Support


“This would’ve never happen if Love & Hip Hop wasn’t paying n*ggas minimum wage” – Stevie J

Said Stevie J as he was escorted off stage after presenting an award.

Hip Hop producer Stevie J was arrested for back child support while on stage presenting an award for best rap album during the B.E.T. awards show.


“I should’ve been smashing Josilyn from the get-go since she can’t have kids” – Stevie J

Stevie J owes over $80,000 in back child support so that means he will have to do 100 million and 73 more episodes of Love & Hip Hop or hit the lottery if he plans on ever paying it off.

Cocaine Dealer Files Lawsuit Against Chris Brown Says Singer Owes Him $20K

“We was gonna press him, but he got that crackhead strength. So we doing shit the white man way.”

Said Ricardo Suarez a known Los Angeles cocaine dealer.

Chris Brown has $20,000 dollars worth of reasons to clean his life up as a known drug dealer has filed a lawsuit in a Los Angeles court for money owed to him from supplying the singer with ‘medicine’ according to documents.

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72 Yr Old Man Offers D. Rose His Crutches While Boarding Plane to New York


“I thought it’d be funny, but just like his knees. His sense of humor is weak” – 72 Yr Old Man

A 72 year old Bulls fan offered Derrick Rose his crutches while the NBA star was boarding a plane to New York as a joke, but the Bulls baller didn’t take the joke too well according to passengers.


“You could tell he wanted to throw a fit, but in all honesty his knees were too weak to jump up and down like he wanted to” – Passenger

Derrick Rose end up promising the man tickets to his first game with the Knicks as an apology.

KKK Invites Kyrie Irving to “No N*gger Lovers” Party


“He understands that white is right and we salute him for that boat party.”

Said one KKK member who pinned the invite on Kyrie’s Cleveland mansion according to TMZ.

Members of the Ku Klux Klan invited Kyrie Irving to their “No N*ggers Allowed” party which is thrown every weekend. Members say he will be the first Black Man willingly attending the ceremony.


“Nothing better than a black man that hates his own kind to prove what we’ve been preaching all alone” – KKK

The KKK says they will definitely be season tickets holders of the Cleveland Cavaliers as long as Kyrie continues to be a part of the team.