Lebron Demands Additional $10 Million from Lakers to Put Up with Lance Stephenson Sh*t

“I’m a need it to pay back all the fines I get from putting my foot in his ass”

Said James during a brief press conference by phone with ESPN.

Basketball superstar Lebron James joked about needing an additional $10 million from the Lakers if he’s going to have to deal with basketball star Lance Stephenson who announced signing to Los Angeles Lakers one day after Lebron signed a 4 year $154 million deal with the Lakers.

“$154 million is cool, but $164 million is cooler. If I got to put up with that negro”

Lebron says he wants the $10 million upfront, because he doesn’t know how long it’ll be before he murders Lance in cold blood if he has to play with him the next 4 years citing “I’m too old for this sh*t”