Gucci Mane Starts a Snapchat Bible Study Group

“I’m gonna start by teaching them how to roll blunts out of pages from the Old Testament.”

Rapper Gucci Mane started a Bible study group that he holds every Tuesday from his Snapchat page.

Gucci Mane says while incarcerated God found him and he also learned how to multitask and do things with the Bible that most just don’t.


“Guwop didn’t find God. God found Guwop” – Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane says he just wants to make the Bible relate to any kid willing to put a blunt in the air and listen.

Chicago Police Say 95% of Firecrackers Heard During July 4th Were Actually Gunshots

“The only people that actually bought fireworks were those not old enough to find a gun”

Said Chief of Police.

Chicago Police department revealed this morning that 95% of gunshots heard during 4th of July weekend were actually gunshots. With one gun going off every .5 seconds in the city.


“Its to the point where we can’t even blame dusty n*ggas like Chief Keef. Its just a way of life” – Gang Member

Chicago police say they really want to do something about all the violence in the city, but they also want to live to see tomorrow.

Kevin Durant Tweets “F**k Stephen A. Smith & His Uncle Tom Ass Opinions”

Kevin Durant had some choice words for Stephen A. Smith on his Twitter page this afternoon.

BREAKING: OKC Fan Takes a Shit on Kevin Durant’s Doorstep

The now Warriors baller tweeted “f*ck Stephen A. Smith and His Uncle Tom Ass Opinions” to his 14.3 million followers on Twitter.

Stephen A. Smith dropped a video on his Facebook page down talking the super star for choosing to jump on the Warriors bandwagon to assure himself a championship title.

Stephen A. Smith has yet to respond, but you can bet he has something witty to say hidden deep inside that forehead.

Man Accidentally Sets House on Fire Burning Kevin Durant Jersey

“I was just tryna look cool for Snapchat and ride for OKC” – Bryan

Said 24 year old Bryan after setting fire to his Kevin Durant Jersey.

Bryan set fire to his Kevin Durant’s jersey in his mother’s basement, but forgot to put the fire out before leaving to go upstairs for dinner. Once he returned the whole basement was in flames and they had to exit the house immediately.


“My mama gon’ kill me” Said Bryant to Channel 2 news in Oklahoma about the mistake he made while showing love for Oklahoma City Thunder basketball team.

Bryan said his Mother will most likely kick him out the house now and he’ll have to go find a real job.

Desiigner Performs Future’s Entire Album During 4th of July Parade

“Everybody say we pretty much the same n*gga so I said, F*CK it. Just my way of saluting a hip hop legend”

Rapper Desiigner performed Future’s entire EVOL album during an Atlanta 4th of July Parade and ended the set performing his hit signle ‘Panda’.


“It was like watching Future without the dreads and skinny jeans.” – Concert Fan

Desiigner asked the crowd if they’d like to see him and Future tour together and they went wild, but we’re pretty sure Future will overdose on lean as soon as he hears about it.

Nba Cancels 2016-2017 Season and Awards Title to Warriors in Advance

“Durant, Steph, and the other light skin guy that can shoot 3’s?!? Its just not fair to the other teams” – Commissioner

NBA commissioner decided to award the 2017 NBA title to the Golden State Warriors after Durant made the decision to join Steph for the 2016-2017 season.


“I welcome the extra time off, because I’ve been wanting to focus on learning how to use a brush for the first time” – Durant

Steph plans to spend the extra time off reading bible versus and taste testing wife, Ayesha’s recipes.

Forbes Release List of Luxury Cars Most Likely to Get You Head While Driving

“If you want her to slob on your knob like corn on the cob. Cop one of these luxury vehicles.” – Forbes

Forbes released its annual list of cars most likely to get you head while driving and its chock full of cars that the average man can’t afford.

1. Lamborghini Aventador:


Nothing says slob on my knob like corn on the cob as a Lamborghini Aventador.

2. Ferrari:

SR Auto Ice Blade Ferrari 458 Italia
SR Auto Ice Blade Ferrari 458 Italia

Ferrari’s have been getting n*ggas head for a long time and I don’t think that’ll change anytime soon.

3. Audi R8:


Drop top or hard top Audi killed the game with the release of the Audi R8 and if you want her to suck and swallow this is the car for you.

4. Rolls Royce Wraith:


*Bonus: Chevy Camaro/Dodge Charger on 26’s (But only if you live in the hood)


Two of the hood’s favorite cars to stunt in.

Man Shoots Up 4th of July Party Because Everyone Had on Same Outfit as Him

“My Footlocker connect assured me not one other n*gga in Chicago had this flag jersey”

Said Raymond about shooting up the party.

Raymond Sanchez shot up a Chicago 4th of July party, because upon his arrival he realized every black man in attendance had on the same outfit as him.

“How many air forces and camo shorts can one party have? Ain’t none of us gonna get any p*ssy” – Raymond

Raymond will be charged with pre meditated first degree murder, because police say it isn’t no way he didn’t know every n*gga was gonna wear that outfit. Because they do every year.

Mike Tyson Starts GoFundMe to Pay Bail After He Punches Trump in the Mouth

“He’s a f*cking racist and every racist is just one punch in the mouth away from loving black people. Help me do it.” – Tyson

Said Mike Tyson.

Mike Tyson says he wants to punch Trump in the mouth just off the strength of him being a racist “motherf*cker” (Mike’s words) and he’s started a GoFundMe to help pay his bail afterwards.


“I just wanna punch him right in his fucking white face and not go to jail” – Mike

Mike said he would’ve challenged Donald to a celebrity deathmatch, but honestly doesn’t want to see him die.

Rapper Sues State Farm for Not Covering Damage After His Mixtape Causes Car Fire

“Knew I should’ve f*cked with them Geico n*ggas” – Austin

Said rapper after finding out his car would not be covered.

Atlanta rapper Cold Austin car caught fire after his mixtape caused it to catch fire and State Farm denied his insurance cover.


“How you gonna fault me for having fire bars?” – Cold Austin

State Farm says they chose not to cover him, because after listening to the mixtape in question they didn’t believe it was hot enough to cause the fire.