Man Sentenced to Death Ask to Eat B00ty for Last Meal

“This ain’t a Kevin Gates music video. He gonna eat Burger King and die happy like all the other killers.” – Prison Warden

Marcus Mirander, a man sentenced to death ask if he could partake in female b00ty as his last meal, but was denied after an intense debate over whether they’d allow it since the woman he requested was his wife.

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Rapist Lured White Women to Van with Free Starbucks Coffee Coupons

“It was like taking candy from a baby. A white baby.”

Said the rapist after being arrested.

Jonathan Cardigan, a serial rapist was arrested after over 10 rapes that he said was made easy by simply inviting women to his van by promising them free Starbucks coffee coupons.


“Them lattes with French vanilla like an aphrodisiac to white b*tches” – Rapist

Jonathan says if he does it all over again he would choose Nutella so he could use it as a lubricant too.

Future Storms Off Stage After Crowd Asks Him to Perform Panda

“N*gga made a career outta the voice my mama gave me. I ain’t performing sh*t.” – Future

Rapper Future stormed off a stage during a surprise New York show.

Future was rapping his set for a sold out crowd when the audience started to chant “perform Panda” a song by rapper Desiigner which sounds very similar to everything Future does with his music.


“I’d kill a Panda, before I’ll perform it”

Friends close to Future said he really didn’t need that stress, because he’s “this close” to overdosing on lean and calling it quits.

Man Asks Judge to Drop Child Support Payment So He Can Buy Jordans

“I ain’t had a pair Jordans since Jeezy dropped Trap or Die. That’s 12 years ago your honor! Think about it.”

Said Rontez Jameson to a New York judge about getting his child support lowered to a reasonable amount.

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Desiigner Had Nightmare that Rapper Future Never Existed

“I had no career and nobody’s rap career to copy. Worst dream ever” – Desiigner

Rapper Desiigner says he had a nightmare that rapper Future never existed and it was the worst thing ever. As he had no career and nobody to copy.


“I was right back at my mama’s house searching Youtube for people to mimic my rap career after”

Rapper Desiigner says he woke up in a cold sweat in his freebandz sweater and dread wig that he only wears when not around cameras.

Boy Tells Judge He Thought He was Buying “Gas” for his Car, Not Marijuana

“He said he had ‘gas’ for the low, and my car been on ‘E’ all week; So what I look like passing up a good deal.” – Tyrik

Said an Atlanta man facing charges for meeting up with an undercover cop to buy weed with an intent to distribute.

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Gucci Mane Stops Atlanta Traffic to Save a Puppy Crossing the Street

“I’m just doing what any ole law abiding citizen would do. Dog lives matter.” – Guwop

Said Gucci Mane on to his millions of Snapchat followers.

Rapper Gucci Mane snap chatted him getting out of his car during Atlanta rush hour traffic in order to help a German shepherd puppy cross the street safely, without harm.


“I’m just tryna stack my blessings. I killed a lotta n*ggas in my day” – Gucci

Gucci Mane says this ain’t the first time he saved a dogs life as he shot a n*gga back in the day for one of his dogs.

Lebron James Mom Offers Delonte West Spare Room at Cleveland Mansion

“He already knows the address. I just need the media to get the word out to him. No friend of James should be homeless” – Lebron’s Mother

Lebron James mother reached out to media outlets to let Delonte West who was reported homeless after fans seen him begging for money on the streets.


“I would’ve offered clothes too, but he’s not as big as my son, James. At least in the arms and the legs area, but he’s big where it counts”

Lebron’s mother says the offer is open to Delonte as long as he doesn’t bother Lebron’s headband collection during his stay.

D. Rose Files Anti-Bullying Lawsuit Against Bulls Ceo for Sharing Twitter Meme


“First the trade. Now this. There’s only so much a n*gga can take” – Rose

Derrick Rose filed an anti bullying lawsuit against Chicago Bulls ceo for sharing a meme of the NBA star falling while boarding a plane to New York on Twitter.


“I expect and understand this sh*t from n*ggas, but I just expect a level of professionalism when dealing with white folks.” – D. Rose

Derrick Rose says he wants a public apology and 24 hour security for him anytime he come back to Chicago to visit his family in the hood.

Kyrie Says White Women on Boat Were Lifeguards “Safety First”


“Black women can’t swim and don’t like to get their weave wet. Is the risk of drowning really worth my NBA career?” – Kyrie

Kyrie Irving cleared up all the confusion surrounding his “no black girls” yacht party that went viral over the weekend and let people know that many of the white girls on board were lifeguards.


“White people can swim since birth. Just like n*ggas are born loving jordans. Its just in their DNA.” – Kyrie

Kyrie insist that he likes all types of v@gina and has no preference toward white or black women.