50 Cent’s Son Legally Changes Name to ‘Ja Rule’ to Get Back at Father

“That’s the only thing he hates more than dark skin women. Ja Rule”

Said Marquise on his Instagram account.

50 Cent’s son Marquise Jackson legally changed his name to Marquise ‘Ja Rule’ Jackson he says to simply upset his father who has neglected him since birth.

“His mama had to co-sign that bullsh*t so I’m coming for that hoe head” – 50 Cent


50′ son Marquise ‘Ja Rule’ Jackson says he has a song in the works with rapper Ja Rule which marks the first song people will probably listen to from the rapper in almost 6 years.

Hillary Kicks Bill Clinton Out the House for Naming Family Dog ‘Monica’

“20 years and he still ain’t got over what that mouth do”

Said Hillary in a leaked email to her bestfriend according to TMZ blog.

Hillary Clinton kicked her husband of over 30 years out of their mansion after he joked about naming their new family dog ‘Monica’ on a radio show.

“Ain’t nothing funny about cheating. Imagine if I sucked Donald’s d**k then asked to name our son after him?” – Hillary

People are saying without Bill, Hillary has no hope in hell of getting any black votes so she might as well get over it.

New York Man Arrested for Murder After Police Find His Timberland Boot at Crime Scene

“Every negro in New York got Timbs, but they matched it to his big foot ass”

Said the mother of Jerome Pinskle’s who was arrested for murder.

A New York man was arrested in New York City after police found his missing Timberland at the scene of a murder.’

“All was missing was a leather jacket, the other boot and a NY fitted and the fool would’ve left a whole outfit” – Cop

Jerome says he blames his mother for going raw with a New York n*gga which created him, another New York n*gga with no choice, but to wear Timbs.

Meek Mill Ask Rick Ross to Borrow $300K to Pay Off The Game Goons

“Meek better sell one of them ‘rollies’ he always rappin’ about”

Said Rick Ross on WorldstarHipHop’s new podcast radio show.

Rick Ross told Worldstar founder that Meek Mill asked him to borrow $300,000 to pay off the Game’s goons.

“Wale last album went ‘nickel’ and he never needed to borrow money”


Rick Ross says Meek gotta learn to keep his mouth shut. Rather he’s talking to other rappers or his former coworkers cops.

Yung Joc LookAlike Charged with Rape for Impersonating Rapper to Smash Groupies

“I just knew it was him, because I thought that nose was one of a kind.”

Said one woman who was fooled by the Yung Joc lookalike.

Rapper Yung Joc’s impersonator real name Treyson Billyards, was charged with rape for using the rapper’s celebrity to unwillingly bed women following the rapper’s concerts.


“I thought it was a funny that he had that perm on Twitter, but when we met him after a concert his hair was nappy as ever, but I still f*cked him.” – Groupie Victim

As so many women were shocked to hear what was done there were just as many surprised to find out Yung Joc still has groupies.

“They were literally both the same amount of ugly”