Nurse Says “My Bad” for Mistakenly Injecting Diabetic Patient with H.I.V. Patient’s Needle


“She tried to turn me into Magic Johnson. The least she could do is pay up.” – Patient

Said a Los Angeles nurses patient after she was mistakenly injected with an H.I.V positive needle.

Shanna Goins mistakenly stuck a diabetic patient with an HIV positive patients needle and her only response to the mishap was “My bad”.


“My bad! I worked 16 hours and it was an honest mistake”

Sharika has been put on unpaid leave until the hospital can get to the bottom of the mishap, but as of now she offers nothing more than an apology.

Gladys Knight Chicken & Waffles Closed After Police Seize 100lbs Cocaine Stashed in Waffle Mix


“We don’t suspect Gladys had anything to do with it, because it would be damn near impossible to snort coke and keep all that weight on” – Police

Said one Atlanta Police officers who led the investigation.

Gladys Knight Chicken and Waffle is closed for good after Police find more than 100lbs of cocaine stashed in their storage room blended in with their Waffle mix.


“Cocaine is a helluva drug. No wonder they had customers and crack heads lined up around the block to get those waffles” – Police

Police say every employee on the scene tested positive for cocaine, weed, and every other trendy drug the kids do nowadays.

Pedophile Cries in Court After 11 Year Old Victim Describes His Penis as Small


“She a damn lie. I got inches”

Said a tearful eyed man who was accused of sleeping in bed with a neighbors 11 year old daughter.

Anthony Mitchell was charged with two accounts of sexual conduct with a minor and one account of abuse and alleges the little girl told him she was 26 years old. (Bullsh*t) When she started to describe his private area she said it was ‘teenie weenie’ and he began to break down in court in tears!

“I’m not R. Kelly your honor! Age is more than a number to me” – Anthony

Besides getting his ass deservantly beat by her Father he is now known as lil dickie to all prisoners in general population.

Remy Ma Leaves Papoose for Woman She Met in Prison


“6 years of female made it impossible to transition back to d**k”

Said Remy Ma to TMZ outside a New York hotel.

Rapper Remy Ma revealed that she left her husband Papoose after her ex-cell mate was released from prison earlier this week.


“Nobody knows how to make love to a woman. Like a woman. Trust me.”

Remy Ma says she’s willing to support Papoose since his rap career is dryer than her v@gina when they have sex.

Drake Says Gucci Mane Doesn’t Smell the Same Believe He’s a Fake

“He usually smells like black & milds and strip club singles”

Said Drake about rapper Gucci Mane on his Instagram page.

Drake says even thought people are saying that it is in fact Gucci Mane he doesn’t believe it, because one thing about a person that doesn’t change and that’s there smell.


“He got the nose of a female. So he would know. Said Drake’s longtime friend 40”

Drake says he’s going to wait until he gets over a cold to confirm, but as of now he’s not believing the hype that its the real Guwop.