Crip Gang Member Puts 13Yr Old Daughter Out House for Buying Red Koolaid

“Lil b***h chose sides. So go let one of them red n*ggas be ya daddy.”

Antonio Rockdar about putting his 13 year old daughter out on the streets.

Antonio Rockdar put his thirteen year old daughter out the house for buying Red kool aid at the store when he specifically told her to buy blue kool aid.

“She been blue since birth. Even her period blue. Ain’t no red round this b*tch.”

Antonio says he’s willing to let her come back home, but only if she stop being a b*tch, and get jumped into the gang like a real man.

Floyd Mayweather Arrested for DUI After He Couldn’t Recite the Alphabet

“Yall know damn well I can’t read.”

Said ex boxer Floyd Mayweather after getting arrested for DUI, because he couldn’t recite the alphabet.

Floyd Mayweather was arrested for DUI, because he failed to recite the Alphabet, but he says its because he doesn’t know it. Not because he was drunk.

“I was learning how to run around the ring while yall was learning how to run through the alphabet.”

Floyd was released on $1300 bond, but actually didn’t have to pay bond, but he read his citation wrong.

Stephen A. Smith Says The Greatest Comeback in NBA History is Lebron’s Hairline

“He should’ve been fined for his hair follicles. Not flopping. He should’ve went bald 2 championships rings ago.”

Said Stephen A. Smith on his show.

Stephen A. Smith said that Lebron James hairline was the greatest comeback in NBA history when asked by Charles Barkley what was his take on the greatest comeback.

“His hairline is turrible. It should be a misdemeanor to walk around with your hairline in the middle of your head.” – Charles Barkley

Stephen A. Smith says he himself is thinking about going bald, but the new High definition cameras they use on First Take wouldn’t be that flattering on his aging forehead.

Obama Ready to Leave White House So He Can Get Back to Jordans & Newports

“Just ready to get this election year over so I can get back to being black.”

Said Barack Obama early this morning during a phone interview with Power 105 Breakfast Club.

President Barack Obama says he’s ready to get this election year over so that on January 20, 2017 he can leave and get back to what he loves. Being black.

“I got the same vices as every other black men. Jordans, Newports, and big booty women. I know yall see what Michelle got. That’s wifey.”

Obama says he’s had fun over the last 8 years, but if he never seen another White House in his life he’d die a happy man.

Teen Finds Fetty Waps Missing Eye in Box of Cracker Jacks

“I think his songs would be 10 times better if he could really see what he’s doing”

An Alabama teen claims to have found rapper Fetty Wap’s missing eye in a box of Cracker Jack’s over the weekend, and wants to link up with rapper so he can finally see life in high definition.


“If he had two eyes he wouldn’t need her to come his way, because he could find his way to her.” – Teen

Joshua says he’s willing to return the eye for free, and all he ask from Fetty is to make a song where he can actually understand more than the hook.

Young M.A. Runs Off Stage After Her T*tty Pops Out During Concert

“Its funny, because she thinks she’s a boy. Gravity proved her wrong.” – Fan

Said one fan in attendance.

Rapper Young M.A. of song “Oooouu” ran off stage after her t*tty popped out while jumping up and down performing her hit single.

“I was all into the song until her breast popped out. Then all I could think about was pwussy. She got some decent t*tties.” – Fan

Young M.A. did come back to finish the show, but word is she fired her stylist for not taping her t*tties down good enough.

Trump Says Lesbians Are a Waste of Vagina

“You have God’s gift to men and you’re wasting it on a woman”

Said Trump during a rally.

Trump says that lesbians are wasting their vagina on women when God created women to serve men with that very part of their body.

“She cant do what I could do if i was 47 years younger.” – Trump

Trump says he told his daughter at a very young age what her vagina was for, and she has used it to her advantage throughout life.

Bill Clinton Punches Trump for Asking Who Has the Better Mouth Monica, or Hillary?

“Bill. Which mouth do you prefer in the White House?”

Said Trump as he was walking past former President Bill Clinton during a Presidential fundraiser.

Donald Trump asked former President Bill Clinton what did Monica and Hillary mouth do which in slang terms means who gives the better fellatio.

“Inquiring minds wanna know. I grab them by the pus’ while you just shove it in their mouths?!?” – Trump

Trump says he just wanted to know so he wouldn’t be the only thing good at sucking running for the Presidential election.

Florida Man Died Trying to “Square Up” With Hurricane Says It Called Him P*ssy N*gga

“Ain’t nobody gon hoe me in my own city bruh”

Said Roger to the hurricane minutes before it killed him on impact according to friends listening from a cellphone safely hundreds of miles away.

A Florida man tried to “square up” with Hurricane Matthew because he says it allegedly called him a “p*ssy n*gga” to his face.

“He had ‘hands’ no doubt. Roger use to rob n*ggas with guns without a gun. Just bare knuckle.” – Friend of Deceased

Friends say Roger Blinkly had a lot of ‘heart’, and wouldn’t let a man nor a hurricane getaway with those words without putting up a fight.

Woman Outraged After Popeyes Receipt Calls Her “That Thing with the Bald Head”

“Would you like a side of ‘edges’ with that?” – Popeyes Employee

An Atlanta woman, Kanondra Jenkis is outraged after receiving her chicken and biscuit meal at Popeye she noticed that her receipt read “shawty with the bald head”. She was even asked if she’d like a side of hair with her food.

“I’ve never been more embarrassed in my life except for when the girl that beat my ass pulled all my hair out which is why I’m in this bald headed ass position in the first place”

Kanondra says she doesn’t want money just a years supply of Popeye’s chicken and biscuit with a side of hold the hair jokes.