Teacher Fired for Calling Black Student “Floyd Mayweather”, Because He Can’t Read

“He can recite Fetty wap, but can’t put together 5 words to make a sentence”

Karin Salavez about one of her 5th grade students at a New Jersey school.

A New Jersey teacher was fired for calling a fifth grade student Floyd Mayweather, because he couldn’t read out loud in front of the class.

“Black parents need to put more emphasis on learning words than learning what new Jordans come out this weekend” – Karen

Karen was releaved without pay, but says she’s confident she’ll be alright, because Floyd can’t read and he’s worth half a billion.

Man Kills Brothers Girlfriend, Because They Couldn’t Chase Hoes Together Anymore

“He got in a relationship, and acted like he was too good to smash hoes off Tinder, and Plenty of Fish anymore”

Says Bryan Kinsley after murdering his own flesh and blood, because they couldn’t chase women together anymore.

Bryan Kinsley charged with murder after killing his brothers girlfriend, because they couldn’t have s3x with women together anymore according to Kinsley.

Tinder logo

“I just wanted my wing man back”

Bryan will face 25 years in jail where there are no hoes, but there are man who walk, talk, and act like full blown bitches.

Stripper Takes Bow Wow to Court for Shorting Her 6 Songs During Lapdances

“He wasn’t worried about the money when my ass was clapping in his face.”

Says Chlaymdia Sampson about her case against rapper, Bow Wow a ‘regular’ customer of hers at an Atlanta gentlemen’s club.

Chlaymdia Sampson is pressing charges against Bow Wow for refusing to pay her for 6 lapdances at the rate of $75 per song.


“I told him it would be extra if I put my titties on his forehead while dancing. He agreed.”

Chlaymdia says she knows its hard times for Bow Wow, but says he can repay her by coming to the club and letting her sit on his face in front of her paying customers.

Plies Pulls Gun on Fan for Snatching Off His Hat & Taking a Picture

“I came out my mama with a hat on, bih.”

Plies pulled a gun on a fan after he snatched off the rappers hat and took a snapchat picture.

Rapper Plies is under investigation after pulling gun on a fan for snatching off his hat and taking a picture.


“Niggas be thinking shit sweet cuz I crack jokes on Instagram”

Plies is claiming self defense, but officials are thinking of charging him, because his head without a hat is a deadly weapon.

Wife Drives Car Off Bridge After Realizing Uber Passenger is Husbands Sidechick

“I had to shoot my shot. No tellin’ if I’d ever see the bitch again”

Said Karen Olsely.

Karen Olsely has been charged with first degree murder after her Uber passenger died when she drove the car off a bridge in attempt to kill them both. She survived.

“She didn’t care about my feelings when she was letting my husband go balls deep in the stock room at work” – Karen

Karen says “If the bitch had a twin she’d kill her too” wow she really hated that chick.

Man Filing for Divorce from Asian Wife Says Their Cats Keep Coming Up Missing

“She takes them out for walks, then comes home smelling like cat fried rice”

Said Duwain about his wife walking their 9th missing cat.

A Texas man filed for divorce of 8 years says that he’s doing so, because of his love for animals, after their 5th cat in two years mysteriously disappeared.

“I can’t be married to a murderer no matter how good the head is” – Duwain

Duwain says her family owns a restaurant and would hate to think all the food she brings homes at night were his missing pussies.

Police Officer Yells “Worldstar!!” Before Shooting Unarmed Black Man 7 Times


Said a South Carolina police officer after letting over 16 rounds off and striking an unarmed black man 7 times in the chest and head.

An Anderson, South Carolina police officer, Cooley Rogers, shot an unarmed man 7 times, but not before letting off a popular online fight video site’s name “Worldstar!”.

“Craziest shit I’ve ever seen. It was like seeing Fetty Wap in a Lens Crafters commercial.” – Witness

The unnamed man is recovering in a country ass local hospital named, Anmed, where he’ll probably be choked out by the nurse, because everybody’s racist.

IG Model Starts GoFundMe for Flight Back to America After Dubai Prince Bought One Way Ticket to Shit on Her

“He shit on me thenĀ told me good luck”

Said Sarah McLaughlin about her experience after being courted by a Dubai Prince on Instagram.

“He told me it was a round trip, and since it was my first time on a plane I didn’t know any better” said Sarah after realizing she needed to come up with $6,000 dollars for the cheapest flight back to America.

“I thought he loved me, but really he just loves shitting on Instagram bitches” – Sarah

The Prince couldn’t be reached, but Sarah says that’s the last time she’s getting shitted on in more ways than one.

Man Kills Bestfriend for Referring Him to Barber that ‘Fucked Up’ his Hairline

“Nigga never played bout his hair” – Mama

Said Lakwon after being arrested for first degree murder for shooting his best friend DeMarcus.

Lakwon shot his bestfriend DeMarcus after he visited a new barber referred to by him, and received what he described as “the worse haircut of my life” stating that barber, Rodney Billins, pushed his hairline back an astounding 2 inches. “It was ridiculous” Said Lakwon.

Lakwon shot DeMarcus at point blank range later that night after a group of girls laughed at his haircut at a party, and DeMarcus joined in on the laughter, but not for long.


“No way that was the barber Demarcus actually went to, because his line-ups be crispy.” – Lawkon

DeMarcus’s funeral will be held at the real barbershop he goes to, because that’s what he would’ve wanted according to his actual barber. Friends of LaKwon say his shit been fucked up.

Mayor of Philadelphia Crowns Drake the King of Philly, Receives Key to City

Sure they would’ve chose Meek, but he can’t come out the house right now” – Drake

One and a half days after calling Meek Mill a “P*ssy” in his own city Drake received the keys to the city of Philadelphia for making the city an estimated $800,000 dollars in one day during his concert.

“I’ve pretty much taken everything from Meek except Nicki. Coming soon.” – Drake

Drake says he will donate some of his proceeds to Philly so some of them dirty ass goons can get their beards cut.