Meek Mill Retires from Rap to Become Nicki’s House Husband

“With my Net worth at $60 Million and Meek’s steadily declining because of dumb sh*t he says out loud. It just makes sense” Said Nicki to TMZ cameras after a concert.

Nicki Minaj revealed that Meek Mill has decided to retire from rap and focus on being a better boyfriend and future house husband.

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“My throat is tired from all the yelling over the years to be honest. This has absolutely nothing to do with Drake 50 Centing me during this beef. “


This couldn’t have came at a worse time the internet clowning the Philly rapper saying he’s being wifed by a boss b**ch inspired by Drake’s diss track ‘Back to Back’.


Nicki’s ex Safari commented on the news stating “That’s all I ever wanted.”

Interviewer: “Nicki?”

Safari: “No. To be a house husband”.

After this. Is Meek still considered a real n***a? Let me know in the comments below.

Magic Johnson to Charlie Sheen: “Welcome to the Team, Bruh!”

“H.I.V., is no longer the end of YOUR life. Just your sex life” Said Magic Johnson about being HIV positive.

Magic Johnson welcomed Charlie Sheen to the H.I.V. positive team with a long Instagram message to inform people on what they think H.I.V. is and what it really is.

“I’ve been H.I.V. positive for 32 years to the public and the Grim reaper to the b*tch that gave it to me. God rest her soul.” – Magic Johnson


Magic Johnson says his advice is only a phone dial away for Charlie, but first he must accept his invitation to the ‘I’m Chronically Ill, But Still Wanna’ Live a Normal Life’ department of ‘The Illuminati’.

Charles Barkley on Patti Pies: “I Wouldn’t Buy None Them Slave Pies”

“The truth is, Patti’s pies taste turrible” Said Barkley about Patti Labelle pie phenomenon sweeping the internet.

Singing sensation Patti Labelle Walmart branded pies have began to fly off the shelf after a review went viral online and Barkley thinks that the idea of a sweet potato pie is ‘slavish’ and absolutely positively turrible!

“First its sweet potato pies. Next thing you know we endorsing pig feet, collard greens and Police brutality – Barkley”


Charles says now if you want to try some real pies you should log onto and visit her racism filled baked goods section.