Man Kills Son After He Says He Wants to Kiss Men Like Empire’s Jamal

“These fools making it OKAY to be gay. If Jamal wants to be gay on tv, let him be gay, but I don’t need a tv show teaching my son how to suck a d**k” Said Roger Kardarfie after murdering his 7-year-old son.

Roger Kardarfie turned himself in after killing his seven year old son for saying he wanted to “get older and kiss men like Jamal” from Fox’s hit show Empire.

“I’m just saying back in my day the only way you could see 2 men kissing is by going to a Catholic church.” – Officer


Jamal from Empire real name Jussie Smollett issued an apology on his Instagram account and said he would choose to not be gay from now on, because it’s really that easy.

Cam Newton Breaks Ankle on Hoverboard Scooter – Out for Season

“I leaned forward when I should’ve leaned back like Fat Joe. Next thing you know they picking up the most physically fit quarter back from the pavement” Said Cam Newton from his hospital bed early this morning.

A trend turned to tragedy when Panther’s Quarter back Cam Newton crashed his scooter into a sidewalk on his way to Chipotle for a double steak burrito bowl with hot sauce on the side not directly on it.

“I personally blame Chipotle for making their food so dang good or could just be a professional NFL player shouldn’t be riding a scooter during the season. Oops” – Cam Newton


Cam he’s not as disappointed by his actions on the scooter as he is by his actions on the NFL field thus far.

Serena Declines Drake Marriage Proposal in Front of China Open Audience

“Dude chill, we been dating a cool month” Said Serena to Drake in front of the China Open audience.

Rapper Drizzy Drake proposed to tennis super star Serena Williams following her China Open performance. Moments later she announced she would be leaving the tournament to tend to some unwanted facial hair.

“Drake is cool to hang with, but I could never marry him! Too feminine. His period last longer than mine. Just listen to his albums.” – Serena


Serena said Drake needs to grow a pair and stop crying or be born with a pair like she was 34 years ago.