3 Celebrities React to Magic Johnson Revealing Who Gave Him Hiv

NBA hall of famer Magic Johnson revealed to the world who’s responsible for him being more famous for H.I.V. than his many life accomplishments.

As the news hit the net of course some of his celebrity friends had a few words that most shared to their social media followers. Magic informed many that he in fact wore a condom, but just put it on incorrectly.

“He crazy as Kanye. Long as he don’t try to run for President and think somebody gonna take leadership from a man that can’t even put a condom on right” – Kevin Hart

Tweeted Kevin Hart to his 75 million Twitter followers who retweeted the message over 10 million times.


“Magic an ol’ Magilla Gorilla looking mofo so he part Ape. That’s how he got H.I.V.. Some white person f**ked him, because they crazy like that. #NoRacism” – Said D.L. Hughley


Long as he keep throwing me NBA season passes I don’t care If he got the leftover H.I.V Suge Knight put in Eazy E – Marlon Wayans


Moments after begging Steve Harvey to retweet him to his followers hashtag #KingsOfComedy as he’s the only King of Comedy still relevant or not dead.

“I played ball all my life. Learning how to put a condom on was the last thing on my mind, but that p***y was first. So in finishing Trojans gave me H.I.V.” Said Magic about how messed up a person he was as a young man.

Nicki in Tears After MTV Bans Her from All Award Shows for Miley Diss

“I diss Lil Kim. Crickets. I diss Miley and now I can’t walk up on the stage ass jiggling and accept my awards. Not saying it’s racist but …R.I.P. Trayvon Martin” Said Nicki in tears about the news that she wouldn’t be able to attend any more award shows.

MTV issued a statement that it doesn’t support bullying and would be asking Nicki politely not to attend any of their awards shows in the future.

“Kanye yanked a mic out of a white woman’s hand live on television and lived to tell about it, but Nicki speaks her mind and gets banned? I’m telling you Meek Mill is bad luck” – Nicki Fan


Nicki plans to start a grass roots movement with her ‘barbs’ where they will storm the next MTV awards shows in pink wigs where they will hopefully be shot on sight for being so damn annoying.

Lebron Congratulates Iverson on Signing One Year 1 Mill Deal with Cavaliers

“I cant explain how it feels to be back in the NBA, playing for a great team. This contract means a lot to me. I can finally turn in my bus pass.” Says NBA legend Allen Iverson, after a press conference.

The NBA is in a uproar after the Cavaliers added a new recruit. Allen Iverson signed a one year $1 million deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

“I was surprised they called me for a tryout. I thought they wanted to give me a chance because of my cross-over or jump shot, but it was because Lebron urged the coaches.” -Said Iverson


He’s ready to hang up the baggy clothes for a jersey once again. Iverson, dressed in vintage Fubu, arrived to a private tryout for the Cleveland Cavaliers. He practiced with some of the leagues’s best, Lebron James, Kyrie Irvin and even Dennis Rodman seem to be impressed.

“Give him a chance and if he’s no good I’ll take my head band off for the remainder of the season. That’s how much I believe in the Answer.” Said Lebron to his coach.


Although Iverson has had a controversial career, the future looks bright for the “Answer”. Cavalier coaches are saying Iverson is practicing very hard and from what they’ve seen, he’s better than ever. This seems to be a big step in the right direction for Iverson. His contract will bring him one step closer to regaining the $200 million he blew on cocaine and skripper and also give him the rights to the title of the oldest NBA player to sign a contract at the tender age of 39.