Diddy’s Kids Concerned Because He’s Still Wearing Wig a Month After 70’s Party

“We just want our Daddy back”

Rap mogul P. Diddy’s children have reached out to friends, family and different media outlets after they say their father hasn’t stop wearing a wig that he was seen wearing at superstar Beyonce’s 70’s themed birthday bash about a month ago.

“He doesn’t even say take-that, take-that anymore. He be walking around the house saying ‘yassss’, and ‘girl slay’. That’s not our daddy”

Diddy hasn’t yet responded to the allegations, but he also hasn’t responded to ruining hundreds of careers many, many years ago. So nobody is expecting to hear much.

Female Stud Charged with Rape for Forcing Girlfriend to Suck Her Strap-On

“I told her I didn’t suck d**k. Not even fake ones, but she didn’t listen”

Said Karissha Clemens of Florida to Channel 14 news.

Karissha Clemens filed sexual assault charges against her girlfriend after she says she forced her to give head to a rubber strap on while she was wearing it.

“She kept saying don’t stop til it cum. If I hadn’t of punched her in the vagina, and escaped, I guess I would’ve been sucking forever.”

Karissha’s girlfriend was charged with 2nd degree rape and one hell of an imagination for thinking she had a real p3nis.

Caitlyn Jenner Says She’s the 3rd Kardashian The Game Smashed

“I was in the middle of my transformation, but I still had my joystick if you know what I’m saying”

Said Caitlyn Jenner who says the 3rd ‘Kardashian’ the Game spoke on is actually her.

Caitlyn Jenner revealed to TMZ that she is in fact the 3rd Kardashian that rapper The Game slept with and that he just said Blac Chyna, because he was afraid what people would think of him.


“He got the ‘D’ and gave the ‘D'” – Caitlyn

Caitlyn says she doesn’t like to kiss and tell, but also doesn’t like men lying on her daugther’s vagina’s.

New York Pastor Requires Members to Sacrifice Pair of Timberlands to Join Church

“They wanted my new wheat joints b, so you know a nigga had to join another church”

Said one New York man who wanted to attend church, but says he just copped his Timbs for $140 on clearance and wasn’t about to give them up. Not even for the Lord.

A new, New York Baptist Church is requiring its members to sacrifice a pair of Timberlands in order to be a member, because its what most New Yorkers care about dearly.

“They don’t want the ones you cut grass or do chores in neither. They want them fresh you know like when the tongue still hold up by itself” – New York Man

The Game to Meek: “Let me bust in Nicki’s Face Then We Can Call It Even”

“it won’t be the first time I did it. I just wanna do it while she still kissin that nigga in the mouth”

The Game tweeted that he would stop murdering Meek and call off his funeral if he let’s him bust in Nicki’s face.

The Game took to his Twitter and says he’s willing to call a truce with rapper Meek Mill under one condition, If he can bust in his girlfriend, Nicki Minaj’s face.


“She bout 80% plastic so that nut will stick to her like glue.” – The Game

The Game Selling ‘Weak’ Mill Punching Bags for $19.95 on His Instagram

“Nicki don made him softer than her b00ty, and trust I know how soft her b00ty is” – The Game

Rapper the Game is not letting up on Meek Mill as earlier today he released a line of ‘Weak’ Mill punching bags on his Instagram for sale at $19.95.


“First Drake killed him. Now I killed him. Then Ross gonna kill him for f*cking up MMG money” – The Game

The Game says he’s already sold $10,000 worth of the punching bags, and says he’s gonna put it all toward Meek Mill’s funeral expenses.

Bow Wow Arrested in Atlanta for Selling Counterfeit Jordans

“Me and Jordans homey so I didn’t think it was a big deal, but apparently selling Jordans you bought out the back of your homey Honda Accord is against the law.”

Rapper Lil Bow Wow was arrested selling counterfeit Jordans out the back of his rented Ferrari in Atlanta near Lenox mall by ATLPD earlier Thursday morning.


“Needed money and I ain’t never sold drugs. So Jordans is like the next best thing to niggas.”

Bow Wow bail is set at $5000 which his mother has set up a gofundme in order to pay it, because his Like Mike checks finally dried up.

Big Meech Gets 5 Years Added to Sentence After Meek Post Pic of Him Texting in Jail

“Nigga don’t know when to shut the f*ck up”

Said rapper The Game after hearing the news.

Convicted drug dealer Big Meech was sentenced to another 5 years in jail after rapper Meek Mill posted a text he received from the prisoner trying to squash his beef with rapper The Game while locked up in Detroit, Michigan.

“His boss a snitch. He a snitch. Hope the Game kills that nigga with the thong he use to strip in” – Big Meech


Big Meech will now serve 120 years, plus another 5 thinks to Meek.

Samsung Offers Black Family Popeyes Coupon After Son Drowns, Water Proof Testing Galaxy S7

“We were offended, but thankful at the same damn time. I mean who doesn’t love Popeyes?”

Said one of the family members.

Samsung offered an African American family a Popeyes Coupon after they revealed their son Raymon Johnson drowned while water proof testing his new Galaxy S7 in the families swimming pool.


“First he proves black people can’t swim. Then they offer us chicken. Way too many stereotypes. This tew much.” – Raymon’s Mom

Raymon’s family is moving forward with a lawsuit, and said they prefer Churches over Popeyes, because those biscuits be hittin’.

The Game Starts GoFundMe to Buy Sean Kingston a Bra for his Titties

“nigga got two more titties than any bitch I ever met”

Said the Game to his 7 million Instagram followers.

Rapper the Game and Sean Kingston have been beefing over a robbery that took place in a night club and after singer Kingston dropped a viral video calling the game gay and a stripper.


“this nigga wear a size double d for dunkin donuts. fat nigga”

The Game says he will help Sean Kingston lose weight by knocking 20 lbs off his ass on sight.