Young Thug Arrested in Mall for Using Womens Restroom Tells Police “I’ma Bad B*tch”

“I’m the baddest b*tch in this restroom. Yall should be grateful I’d even piss alongside you.”

Said rapper Young Thug to Atlanta police in Lenox mall.

Rapper Young Thug was arrested in An Atlanta mall, because he refused to leave a women’s restroom, and informed police that he is in fact a ‘bad b*tch’ that deserves to use any restroom he pleases.

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Guy Brings Photo of Ex Giving Him Head to Her Wedding, Stabs Him with Cake Knife

“I just wanted him to see the type of throat he was going to get for the rest of his life”

A Los Angeles man was stabbed by a wife-to-be after he showed up to her wedding with a picture of her giving him head.

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Crip Member Shoots Baby Mother for Letting Son Take Picture with ‘Red’ Santa

“Santa been set tripping for a long time, but she wanna play dumb”

Said one Los Angeles Crip gang member arrested early Friday morning.

A Los Angeles Crip gang member was arrested early Friday morning after he shot his childs mother for letting their two year old son sit in the lap of what he called ‘the enemy’, a mall Santa Claus.

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MTV True Life: “I’m Addicted to Drinking Kool Aid from Used Tampons”

“Most guys hate when its that ‘time of the month’ for they girl, but I love it. Yum”

Said MTV true life John Stunce about his weird addiction.

John Stunce will be on MTV true life: I Drink Kool Aid from Used Tampons Christmas edition this weekend and experts are predicting it to be one of the grossest episodes ever.

“Let’s be honest red kool aids already the sh*t by itself. So the menstrual flow is just the icing on the cake.”

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Stripper Has Left Booty Cheek Amputated from Paper Cut Infection

“Its hard pwussy popping on a headstand without having the other leg to balance all that weight”

Sandra Blunson lost the use of her left leg after a paper cut from a dollar bill got infected and doctors had no other choice, but to amputate the cheek and the limb.

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Man Starts GoFundMe to Buy His Girlfriend Some “Edges” for Christmas

“I got tired of her looking like RoboCop with his helmet off”

Said one Florida gentlemen about his girlfriend.

A Florida man took his girlfriend lack of edges into his own hand and created a GoFundMe to pay for a surgery to get her permanent hair restoration for his Christmas.

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Girl Twerking in Library Ass Clapped So Loud, Arrested for Disturbing the Peace

“It sounded like 2 midgets high-fiving on the back of her ass. Set the fire alarm off and everything.”

Said one 16 year old boy who was studying for his permit exam.

A 23 year old Mystika Rolands was arrested for disturbing the peace in a library while shooting a video of her ass clapping very loudly.

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African Billionaire Marries Stranger After Seeing Video of Her Deep Throating Banana (Video)

“I seen her swallow that 11 inch fruit whole and instantly knew she was my 3rd wifey”

Said Umhadou Akbar a South African billionaire who proposed to a complete stranger through Facebook Messenger.

After a viral video of vegetarian Kimberely Ranskins deep throating a banana went viral she received a marriage proposal from a African oil tycoon who says he was very impressed with her “skills”

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Mayweather Kids Put on Punishment for Lying to Mother “Daddy Read Us Bedtime Stories”

“Now yo daddy can do a lot of things, but reading ain’t one of them”

Said mother to two of Mayweather’s children about them lying at a young age.

Two of Mayweather’s children were put on punishment for lying to their mother about the whereabouts of their father during a weekend stay at the Mayweather mansion.

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Expert Says Mayweather Ran a Combined 400k Miles in Ring During Boxing Career

“When your natural defense is to run in the opposite direction of every punch during a fight. It happens. He could’ve ran around the United States twice.”

Said a Las Vegas boxing expert who claims to have seen every Floyd Mayweather fight frame by frame and has done the math and research.

Las Vegas boxing expert, Hendry Bigone says Floyd Mayweather has ran over 400,000 miles in his career during fights where the boxer chooses to run instead of stand toe to toe and get his sh*t pushed in like every other boxing legend.

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