Welding is a process that helps join two pieces of metals by melting them down with the help of heat. There are various welding methods that are available to us but not every method can be used by beginners. MIG welding is a process that is very famous amongst beginners. If you have no experience in the field of welding, then you should go for MIG.

MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding uses an electric arc for melting and joining the metal pieces. It is well-known among the newcomers because it is easy to use and is a speedy process. It is also known by the name GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding). Let us have a look at some of the benefits and drawbacks of using MIG.

Advantages of MIG welding

1. Easy to learn:

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MIG is comparatively easy to learn than the other techniques of welding. Beginners only require a few hours to learn this method from some experienced trainers. And if you only need the basic information or training about it, 20 minutes are enough for it. Most of the time is utilized in cleaning the weld only and not learning it. Consider checking out MIG Welders to gain more information about it.

2. Provides high productivity:

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Numerous welders will appreciate higher productivity because of time saved by not having to continually change chips or rods. Also, with this method, you don’t have to keep brushing the weld again and again. They’re ready to work quicker and more cleanly.

3. It is a speedy process:

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The time taken to complete the weld is dependent upon the quality that you require in the desired product. However, taking everything into account, in the event that you put MIG welding toward the other well-known types of welding, MIG will win most of the time – regardless of whether it is being done by a professional or a beginner.

4. Extremely versatile:

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The MIG method is amazingly adaptable and can weld a wide assortment of metals and compounds while working in various ways, like semi and completely programmed. While MIG welding is valuable for some home welding projects, it is additionally utilized by an enormous number of businesses.

Disadvantages of MIG welding

1. High initial costs:

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The MIG machine is complicated and needs legitimate maintenance for keeping it safe, so it can provide quality work. A decent MIG machine has a somewhat high initial expense. As its design is complex, it requires a high cost for repairs and maintenance.

2. Sensitive to impurities:

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The MIG process is delicate to pollutants. It can just deal with low to medium degrees of surface toxins like the rust, factory scale, the soil, the oil, and the paint. All these can possibly bring the issues like the porosity, the inadequate combination, the terrible bead appearance, and surprisingly breaking.

3. Offers limited positions:

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MIG welding offers restricted positions. It is inadmissible for open air welding. It is because the welders have to protect the gas from getting impure while working in the external environment. It is not easily portable.