Bingo is one of the much-loved games in a casino across the world. There is that feeling one has when sitting with your friends, family and community, going through the card and listening to balls being pulled from the tub. Whether you are playing with family or real opponents, you have to win in order to stay in the game.

All the time, there’s always that joy while playing a bingo game in a casino but the joy stays when you are winning. Nobody wants to experience disappointment when another person shouts “line” or “house”. If you want to discover a good online casino, head over to, a site where you will find good casinos. If you are seeking to win big in a bingo game, here are some of the tips to follow:

1. Play At The Right Moment


If you want to win big or continue winning big at bingo games, then you have to learn how to play when the time is right. You have to know that fewer people playing enhances your chance of winning. The number of people playing in a bingo room is proportional to the amount of money you would be able to win. So if there are about 20 people playing a bingo game, you won’t expect as many wins as when there are about 5 people who are playing the game.

Those who are big winners at bingo games know that playing at times when there are not many people pays big. If you are playing the game online, play when everyone else is at work or in bed asleep.

However, if you want to be a winner then you need to leave going to play bingo every time with your friends all the time and go for it alone with those other fervent Bingo experts

2. Practice Before You Play

If you want to start winning at bingo games, then you have to start practicing beforehand, after all, practice makes perfect. If you don’t practice you will end up messing up your games. The only way to make the odds fall on your side is by practicing.

If you can only cope with one card, you may be at a disadvantage because one card gives you a limited chance of being the lucky winner. Therefore, the more cards you can cope with the bigger your opportunity to shout for the win.

There are many people who struggle with a dozen or more cards as they are not capable of scanning all those cards and keeping up with the rate of the caller. It is fair to say you will struggle to keep up at first and will want the caller to slow down. So, you need to practice and keep getting quicker at scanning for the number and marking them off.

3. Play Bingo at Credible Places


Whether you are playing online or playing offline, make sure that the place that you want to play a bingo game is a credible site or place. You have to do this if you want to win while playing bingo. The casino you are playing the game in should have a well-structured game and its terms of playing should be clear enough for even a beginner to understand.

Those who are always winning bingo games know this and this is why they always go to a place that operates responsibly. Playing at a place that has built credibility will aid your ability to win as you play the game. Playing bingo at places or casinos that have a bad record with their dealings only decrease your chances of winning the game.

4. Play With a Reasonable Amount of Money

Playing with a high amount of money does not guarantee that you will win the game. It is not advisable that you play bingo with money that you cannot comfortably afford to lose. Therefore if you want to win, you have to play with money that won’t make you bankrupt after losing. The amount of money you win should be way bigger than the money you play with and thus can only be possible if you are cautious with the way you spend money.

If you are playing multiple cards, make sure that you pay for all the cards you play, so that the value of your winnings will increase and your chances of losing will be decreased. Spending expensively while playing bingo may be a wrong choice especially if you are just getting started in the game of bingo.

5. Make Use Of The Granville’s Bingo Strategy


Granville’s Bingo Strategy is based on the belief that you can predict the numbers that will be pulled in a bingo game. Granville, a stock market analyst, was the one that brought up this bingo game strategy. This strategy is based on the numbers that will be pulled by the caller.

In order for this strategy to work, you have to select cards with an equal number of low and high numbers while playing a bingo game. And also to increase your chances of winning, you have to have an equal number of odds and even numbers on your card. This strategy entails that you have numbers that end from 1-9 so that you would increase your chance. This strategy works on the fact that probability changes your chances if you are with the right bingo card.

No doubt that bingo is a casino game that most people love because it gives you the chance to socialize while still playing for money, unlike other casino games. Bingo also has medical benefits associated with it and this is why many people play it. Whether you are playing for fun or not, the goal while playing bingo is to win and with the following tips given above, your chance of winning a bingo game is increased.