Sometimes living in one place can become boring and become an occasion to look for a new place to live. When we say the new place to live it can be a new neighborhood, a new part of the city, a new city, or even a new country. This is especially true for Britons who often want to travel, but also often think about where they could live. Yes, they are often overwhelmed by the monotony offered by the UK and therefore decide to go somewhere where they would feel better and better. For many of them, it is the southern countries of Europe, sometimes America or Canada, but they always give double advantage to Europe and the southern countries in Europe, and lately, they are more and more interested in Spain and the pearl of Spain – Valencia.

Valencia is one of the most beautiful places in Spain, which has recently been high on the British charts. It is one of the most beautiful areas in Spain, and the capital of this area, which is also called Valencia, stands out. In this part of Spain live over 2 million people, and most of them are citizens of other countries who simply love the warmth of this part of Europe, but also of that part of Spain. Apart from this part, the British want to go and live in Madrid, Barcelona or some of the other big cities which are also numerous in terms of population, but which also offer excellent living conditions, travel, and entertainment. For this reason that the British increasingly want Spain, we bring you the latest things that every Briton with such a desire should know.

1. Laws are significantly different from those in the UK


When changing a place of residence, city of residence or country it is necessary to know the rules of living. In this case, if you go to Spain you need to know that their laws are very different from those of the UK, so it is especially important to pay attention at this point.

2. You also need a visa if you come from the UK


You also need to know that if you come from the UK you need a visa. A visa is an appropriate permit that states set as a rule for people who want to come from abroad to the new state. Such permission is also required from the British. There are certain rules you should be familiar with, but as there are new UK visa rules you need to be aware of the new rules and be up to date before applying for a visa.

3. There are some restrictions for foreign nationals


Not everyone who comes out of Spain can have the same privileges and permissible things as locals. Therefore, you need to know that you will have certain restrictions as a foreign citizen for which you need to be informed in a timely manner.

4. There are also differences in prices, as well as the use of the euro as the main currency


Nowhere in the world are the prices of products and services the same, so it is in Spain where prices differ from those in the UK. It is necessary to know about this before you leave, but also to know that the euro is the main means of payment, so do a little research, see what you can buy and find out everything you think you need to know about this issue.

These are just some of the things you need to know about living in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Malaga or any other part of Spain. If you are British, prepare well, then apply for a visa and expect your daily life to continue in Spain where it will surely be better and more interesting than the UK.