Water wave hair looks beautiful, but it is tough to manage and maintain. They are the perfect type of hair to carry on a beach with you. Some people have it naturally, and some use tongs to get such a hairstyle. In this article, we will be sharing various tips that can help you maintain water wave hair without troubling you much. Let us go through these points one by one. 

1. Initiate combing hair from the bottom: 

Detangling your hair from the base up permits you to delicately detangle each bunch, rather than intensifying bunches toward the base and yanking your direction through. To shield them from any harm and to detangle productively, our specialists indeed suggest that you should consider using a brush that has wide-tooth.

Wavy hair is the most delicate one, and each twist is a potential limitation. Utilizing a wide-tooth brush is the gentlest approach to detangle twists, and it doesn’t upset the regular twist design however much a brush would. That implies you should save brushes for straight styles or simply restrain flyaways.

2. Use coconut oil: 

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Coconut oil contains a high amount of lauric acid. When you apply it to hair, coconut oil is effectively assimilated and would help you to add dampness to the hair and lessen the loss of protein from it. To expand moisturization and diminish frizz, utilize a limited quantity of coconut oil as either a prewash or post-wash treatment.

You can likewise leave a small measure of coconut oil in your hair in the wake of shampooing or leave it in your hair short-term as a veil. If you use coconut oil as a short-term treatment, utilize an old pad case or delicate towel under your head to avoid oil stains. This will help you in preventing frizziness from your water wave hair

3. Pick the right shampoo: 

Washing or cleaning your hair is the most critical stage for taking care of it. Washing or purging guarantees no residue, abundance of oil, dead skin cells, and product development on your scalp.

Utilize a gentle shampoo or cleanser liberated from harmful synthetics like sulfates, silicones, parabens, and alcohol that can disturb your scalp. Sulfates are well known as a lathering agent, while parabens are additives utilized in your hair care items. Change to gentle surfactants, aroma-free, sulfate-free, without paraben, and silicone-free recipes in your cleansers or shampoo. 

4. Pick the right comb: 

Wavy hair is frequently fragile and dry, which is why it can break when brushed or combed. Take a stab at combing wavy hair in the shower to keep away from breakage. Start with a wide-tooth brush to separate any bunches or tangles. You can likewise brush while the conditioner is as yet in your hair to make it simpler and guarantee the conditioner covers every one of your strands.

While picking a comb or a hairbrush, put resources into an excellent brush with regular fibers rather than plastic. A comb having boar bristles can assist with spreading common oils from the scalp through the closures of the hair. Another choice is not to utilize a comb at all. Assuming you have incredibly springy twists, take a stab at applying a leave-in conditioner and afterward raking through wet hair with your fingertips.

5. Avoid getting heat treatments: 

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Many individuals who have wavy hair love to try different things with their looks by fixing them. While another look can unquestionably make you look incredible, the comprehensive heat treatment needed by wavy hair to be fixed can hopelessly harm them. For a similar explanation, don’t even blow dry them after washing them every time. Continuously utilize a heat insurance cream or spray to secure your hair before using a level iron or blow dryer.

6. Avoid going through chemical procedures: 

Stay away from procedures that use chemicals, such as coloring hair and utilizing substance relaxers. Chemical methods can cause significant damage to your hair, and it very well may be difficult to recuperate from that sort of harm. Utilize a natural hair color, assuming you choose to color your hair in all actuality. Also, if synthetic substances can’t be kept away from totally, make sure to provide deep conditioning to your hair. 

7. Use a diffuser: 

If you are not utilizing the components that accompany your hairdryer, you’re passing up a great opportunity. By scattering your hair dryer’s surge of hot air into a bigger space, a hair diffuser can “limit a great deal of the frizz that comes when wavy hair is normally air-dried,” clarifies beautician Britt White. Additionally, it can help even out your twist and lift the volume of big curls, giving more body to your hair.


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Wavy hair is often challenging to maintain, but everything becomes a lot easier when you have the right tips with you. Check out the points given above and implement them to keep your hair healthy.