The Native-American culture is unique and mysterious when compared to many other parts of the world. Therefore, it is not a surprise that many people are now interested in learning more about it. Besides their culture, history, and spirituality that is connecting people with nature, jewelry is also very popular in recent years.

Since they were isolated from other regions of the world for a very long time, we can see some amazing and unique pieces of art and completely different methods used when it comes to the design of tools, houses, clothes, along with jewelry.

People are now paying more attention to the history of Native Americans, and there are many organized tours where you can travel across the US and visit regions where these people still manage to keep their old culture and habits. You will have a chance to check different types of Native American Jewelry as well.

On the other hand, before you decide to spend a lot of money on some gemstone or some other piece of jewelry, have to be sure that it is authentic and of proper quality. The biggest problem is that some companies and people might try to sue the increase in popularity in their favor by introducing fake products that resemble the original culture of native people. In this article, we are going to introduce you to some of the best ways to detect fake jewelry.

Learn More About Details


Like with many other cultures all over the world, there are also visible signs or particular methods that are used in the production and design of native pieces of art and jewelry. Therefore, the best way to avoid fraud is to compare the products and be sure that they are following the same patterns and rules that are common in that region.

Moreover, if someone is trying to convince you that the piece you find attractive is made a long time before Europeans started inhabiting northern America, keep in mind that advanced methods of blacksmithing were introduced by them. Therefore, pieces that contain silver or some other metals, and that are designed with higher accuracy could not be created before that time.

Furthermore, native tribes started using advanced techniques in the 19th and 20th century. Therefore, you could expect to find some valuable items from that time. Still, it is crucial to learn about these techniques as well. That will help you to avoid spending a lot of money on some fake item.

Always Ask About the Creator


Getting more information about the artist who presented the piece of art will help you to be sure that the item is authentic. The great thing is that we can find a lot of data on the internet, where you can research the artist and compare the product with other pieces from the collection. It is especially common for tribes to use specific patterns since that is the way for them to distinguish from other tribes.

Benefits of Official Regulations


There is a reason why you should rather visit a store that is led by some member of the tribe than buying items from online stores. That is related to official regulations where only members of tribes are allowed to create and distribute art and jewelry with motives of this culture. In that matter, always check if the store is registered as part of some tribe. You can do the same with online stores.

Contact An Expert


Keep in mind that creating good-looking copies of various products today is quite simple when we can use advanced technology. For example, someone could use a 3D printer and apply the same methods that are used by native tribes. While that might sound as a good way to get an authentic product, it is unethical and chances are great that there will be visible flaws.

An even bigger issue is when you decide to spend more money by thinking that you are buying a valuable piece of jewelry, while the seller provided you with a piece of cheap metal that has no value. You can ask someone with more experience to help you determine the quality of the gemstone, and whether it is authentic or not.

Check more Details About the History of Tribes


This is also a great way to find out more about valuable collections and find the best solution when you are choosing jewelry. The most important thing is to learn more about the impact of European culture on methods that tribes were using in production and design.

For example, there are clear differences between the pieces made before and after the industrial revolution. Many motives remained the same, but these pieces have much better quality and durability. Furthermore, you should know that there are many tribes in the US.

Therefore, you can expect completely different patterns, colors, and shapes when you compare the tribes on the north, east, and other parts of the US. Also, there is a clear difference between modern art and pieces that resembles the period before Europeans inhabited northern America.

The Bottom Line

It can be challenging to detect fraud if you are not so familiar with this culture and the designs that are popular among the tribes. The key feature of jewelry for them is not only related to the aspect of attractively because every necklace, ring, and other type of items tells a unique story.

The best way to avoid frauds is to never rush. As we already mentioned, only licensed tribe stores are allowed to sell authentic items. Also, it is more ethical to but these products from them. This is especially related to people who prefer shopping online.

There are some online stores where you can find original pieces introduced by this culture, but it is always a much better solution to visit them in public. Besides the chance to buy an attractive item, you will also learn more about their habits, culture, and unique way of living with nature and managing to avoid the modern western way of living.