Blocked drains are a lot more than just an inconvenience. They could cause a lot of damage to your property if left untreated, so it is always a good idea to call a professional and let them handle the problem. Don’t know when to call them? Well, let’s find out.

1. Your Shower Won’t Drain


If you’re showering and you notice the water covering your ankles – there is probably something lodged in the drainage pipe. Unless you want your shower to start overflowing every time you hop in, you should probably give a pro a call. Most likely, your shower is filled with hair, and that hair needs to be removed before it ends up creating havoc in your bathroom.

2. Your Sink Won’t Drain

If you notice that your sink isn’t draining as fast as it did when you’re washing the dishes, chances are, the drain pipe is clogged, and it needs to be cleaned. Now, this might be something you could do on your own, but we really won’t suggest you do it, especially if you have a weak stomach because it will smell like nothing you’ve smelled before. Also, if you mess something up, you could do more harm than good to your kitchen, so just call up a pro.

3. Your House Stinks


Calling a plumber is definitely not the first thing you think about when you notice a strange, foul odor in your home, but it probably should be. Most of the time, unexplained foul odors that you just can’t seem to locate are coming from a blocked drain pipe. It could be that something’s gotten stuck in the drains and is rotting away, causing the foul smell. And, since you don’t have any necessary equipment to access the blocked pipes and clean them out.

4. Your Pipes Clog Frequently

All clogging problems start the same way – you notice a minor clog, it goes away, and then it comes back around, and the whole thing goes in circles until one day the clog won’t go away. If you notice frequent, minor clogs, it is time to call up a pro. These clogs won’t stop on their own but will keep happening over and over again until the cause is deal with.

5. Your Pipes Are Gurgling


Those semi-satisfying sounds you hear from your sink aren’t good. These gurgling sounds occur when a clog begins to form. Clogs will create air bubbles around them, and when water rushes past them, these air bubbles pop, and you hear that sound coming from your sink or a bathtub.

7. You Notice Fruit Flies

If you wake up to a kitchen filled with fruit flies, yet there is no food anywhere to be seen – they’re probably attracted to the rotten food that’s stuck in your drain. Once again, since you probably don’t have the necessary equipment to handle this problem – grab a phone a call someone that does.


Most of these problems can be prevented, like the guys you call up will tell you. However, when they happen, it’s best not to ignore them but handle them right away. If you notice any of the signs we’ve mentioned above – it’s time to call someone up.