Businesses rely on the use of third-party software and services to better run operations. As such, a business can greatly benefit by using freight audit services and payment software.

But what exactly are these benefits? To find out more, we’ll get into the reasons why you should be using one. So, let’s start.

1. Greatly Reducing Expenses


Freight audit is essentially a company that provides a service to businesses. This service is meant to help examine, adjust, and verify freight audit bills.

The reason why all of this is important is that freight auditing bills can be very expensive to do. More so, a mistake in auditing can cost a business tenfold. Since these operations can be highly complex and involve countless companies, a need to simplify the process and reduce expenses became a necessity.

And that’s where freight auditing and payment software comes. But how exactly does it reduce expenses? Well, such a software does it in a few ways. Namely, there is a thing called the “cost of doing business.” You might have heard about it, but it essentially involves business expenses.

As one can imagine, shipping goods isn’t cheap. From logistical issues to missing shipments and even failing to arrive on time, these costs can quickly overwhelm a particular business.

But by using a freight auditing and payment software, a business can reduce these costs.

The obvious benefit is that a company saves a lot of money and preserves a sizable amount of its resources. The company can then redirect these funds to other operations or simply profit from them. So one reason fright audit and payment software is important is that it saves you a lot of money by reducing expenses around the concept that is “the cost of doing business.”

2. Greatly Saving Time


Regardless of your company is just starting or has been in the industry for decades, time isn’t something that it has. Time is quite possibly the most valuable resource that can directly contribute to the downfall of your business. But how do fright audit and payment software save your company time?

Well, to explain that, we have to go back to the process of freight auditing. Without a service or software specially designed to streamline the process, you would have to not only assign resources but time to get the audit validated for accuracy.

Since there are better things both you and your employees can do to most effectively utilize your time, being bogged down on something like this can cost you a lot.

So by going with a freight audit company that also streamlines payment processes will greatly save you time. Since these companies are experts in the field, they make the problem go away for their clients. They focus on logistical auditing, processing payments, and everything else related to the process of freight auditing.

By saving even one hour on freight auditing, you can redirect valuable human resources to better use. What these companies, like CT Global Freight Audit, hope to achieve is streamline the process and in turn, generate profits for your company.

3. Improve Data Analytics


The industry is extremely data-driven. So the need to process data to maximize business operations is of utmost importance. This is perhaps a huge reason why certain businesses go with a freight auditing company from day one.

Since data is extremely valuable in today’s day and age, it can launch the business to new heights by having someone to accurately analyze it. Since a business doesn’t have the resources to develop a data processing and analyzing software, it can be all achieved with a freight auditing company.

This particular niche of the industry is exactly what every business needs. Due to the fact that these companies are data-driven, they provide a valuable service that benefits a company’s logistics. These companies will identify patterns and provide solutions to existing problems through the power of data analysis.

The true value of information should be a reason alone to go with a freight auditing company. Since data is probably the most important success factor, it would be a huge mistake not to do what the data says.

4. Eliminate Costly Mistakes


This one is so important that we have to give it its own section. Namely, one in every four fright bills contains a mistake that could prove catastrophic for your business. So the last thing you want is for one of these mistakes to affect your company’s future.

But since these mistakes are human errors and generally unavoidable, what is the solution?

The solution comes in the form of freight audit and payment software solutions. We already talked about how these solutions reduce expenses, but the need to eliminate mistakes is an even bigger reason to go with one.

Mistakes in this industry come in many forms. From shipping inaccuracies to delays, everything plays a part in how profitable your business is.

Shipping inaccuracies can cost your business thousands of dollars. When you ship a product to a consumer at the wrong address, you’re not only wasting valuable shipping resources but you’re also risking losing the client.

Delays, on the other hand, are even more worrying for your business. When you have a specific time frame to ship products, the last thing you want is to miss out on. By doing so, you are risking detention penalty charges and, again, losing the client.

This problem is even more evident with large-scale businesses that ship all over the country and even globally. When the risks are too great and the scale is so massive, going with a freight audit and payment processing solution is a no-brainer decision.


There are many benefits and reasons why you should go with a freight audit and payment processing solution or company. The reasons we mentioned are some of the most important ones that directly impact your company’s future. Don’t risk it and instead let the professionals take care of the industry’s most common challenges and obstacles.

By doing so, you are making sure your company survives and lasts for decades.