Counter Strike is one of the most popular games in the world. This may come as a surprise for some, since this game and this concept is still in the spotlight, 10 years after it was first released. Still, this game only seems to become more and more interesting, with numerous features that are being added, and new challenges it creates for its players. That being said, one of the biggest reasons why this game seems to never go out of style, is the fact that it evolves with time, it adjusts to new needs, and it improves, in many ways.

Counter strike has one of the biggest gaming communities, and it’s exactly this community that keeps it alive. According to many surveys, when it comes to video games, the player base is what keeps a game alive – which is quite a logical thing: without the players, the game dies. This is definitely not the case with Counter Strike. With a fantastic gameplay that still grabs attention and that is highly intuitive, and more than amazing activities that are inspired by this game, or are in direct correlation to it, such as events, streams, tournaments etc, it could be said that this game has covered almost all the aspects of its presence on the market.

However, there is one (relatively) new feature in this game, and a new field, or market, that Counter-Strike bravely decided to enter; and that is – the gambling field, or the betting industry, and we’ve all heard about the famous Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This has become a whole new world in which you can choose, purchase and change skins and items, and therefore make the game more appealing and interesting. But that’s not all. Skins have become very valuable and some of them are extremely rare and expensive, so they are usually being compared to even digital gold or Bitcoin. And this is how the esports betting field opened its door and welcomed CS:GO into what it is today – the biggest betting market in the game.


As a part of an extremely competitive video gaming environment, or in other words – esports, CS:GO has become a very lucrative skill to have and an extremely fun world to indulge in. In case you’ve never heard about multiplayer gaming, imagine having professionals who play against each other in order to win million dollar prizes, and you will get a perfectly clear picture about how this activity looks like, and why it is more popular than all the others similar games on the market.

The uniqueness of this game is what makes its players come back every time. It’s interesting to mention that after several analyses, it’s been shown that there are no age limits when it comes to their game, it is equally fun to both young and older people. The only thing that you might not like is the fact that there are so many options to choose from – as some may find it overwhelming. But is that the only thing people don’t like about this game? And do people understand this game completely, today, after almost 11 years on the market? Let’s dig into that.

First of all, there are a lot of misconceptions about this game, and whether they are true or not, it’s important to mention them, especially if you have never indulged in this game, or if you are a newbie.


Some of the common myths are the ones about the price or the availability when it comes to skins, along with the specific features in the game, such as the myth that you will run faster if you hold a knife, compared to holding a gun.

People usually have certain opinions about skins, such as the one when they think that they can get every skin they want at all times, which is not really the case. Realistically, everything that is rare and valuable will be both expensive and a bit harder to find, and this is how you should approach skins as well. If you’re a regular player you will get free skins and this is also a myth when it comes to CS:GO – newbies are not aware of the fact that they will get free skins anyway, especially if their game gets better and their skills improve over time. However, you need to be aware that free skills might be worse than the ones that can be bought, if you are not advanced enough. On the other hand, when you get advanced, and during the process of gaining the needed experience, you don’t have to be worried that you won’t have the best skins if you’re not ready to invest some money. What does this mean? As your skills improve in the game, and if you are playing the game regularly, the skins you are going to get through the prizes and rewards can be equally good or even better compared to the ones that can be bought. This is quite a logical thing and it’s something that you can see in almost every video game: the higher level you achieve, the better prizes you will get.

Still, some people don’t like spending that much time in the game (they are not that patient), but they do like beautiful skins and weapons so they are willing to invest money in their appearance and their powers in the game. That being said, one of the common myths is a myth that people who love to purchase skins are crazy for spending those amounts of money because it’s only a game. In reality, this is quite different. CS:GO skins are very valuable (especially if they are rare). Not only valuable in the game when you are battling other players, but they’re very very lucrative. This means that you can sell some of your skills or buy them. Simply put, you can trade skins just like anything else and gain a lot of money.


Among all the other misconceptions there is a misconception that you can trade skins almost everywhere. This is not the case, so before trading your skins, you should do a thorough research about the best platforms for this process in order to get what you want and not be scammed. CS:GO case opening is something you should invest a bit of time in, just to make sure you picked a renowned website.

A useful thing to know if you are in the game is the fact that if you want to pick up a weapon, you don’t have to be afraid that your enemies will know that. So this is also a common myth about the game: although you can hear all the effects while you’re getting a new skin, it doesn’t mean all the other players can hear the same. Oh and don’t try to run away from the bomb facing it. It’s not gonna save you from damage, as the popular opinion says.


Finally, you shouldn’t believe everything you hear and completely rely on other people’s experiences. A common misconception is the one that says that you need to copy other successful players in order for you to be successful. In this game, you should build your own game persona, from scratch, and that’s been proven to be the best way to succeed!