Leveling is one of the main targets in WoW. You should work on reaching level 60, so you can get better gear, find the best quests, and get into groups with better players. There are different ways to use to get XP. However, the difference is inefficiency. Also, your skills and experience in previous expansions can be important.

Moreover, your approach to the game is crucial. We can notice that many people will focus on fast leveling. That can be very exciting and provide a faster way to the higher-ranking battles. On the other hand, if you lack experience, you will need some assistance if you want to reach a faster leveling. For instance, if you are going to raids, you can buy WoW raid carry.

Moreover, the selection of expansion is very important for the speed of reaching higher levels. For example, WoW is currently the best one if you want the fastest way to reach level 50. On the other hand, focusing only on collecting bonus XP could bring some downsides as well.


You Will Complete All the Quests Much Faster

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The simple explanation why so many players will work intensely on reaching the highest level is because they are focused on the story and main quests in the current expansion. That represents the final goal.

Also, there are different races and classes which provides a different experience. Each race will require a specific approach, particular gear, and many other things that make playing the same expansion with more than one class so exciting.

Available Gear and Features

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Simply reaching the highest rank won’t be possible without the right items. However, these items are also limited. The same is for some challenges, raids, quests, and other parts of the game. Experienced players got used to the system where they don’t want to spend a lot of time wandering around the map.

The capabilities of your character will also improve with each level. Therefore, spending less time on leveling will provide you with more excitement when you are dealing with some serious challenges unlocked only for 50+ levels.


Lack of Joy

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This is especially related to newbies. If you don’t have any previous experience in playing WoW, there is no need to focus on fast leveling. Instead of that, you should start from the beginning and learn more about the amazing Warcraft universe.

You can try out different races and classes. The leveling is still important, but instead of rushing into it by trying to reach the rank 50 in less than 5 or 6 hours, you can focus on exploring the world and completing the quests one by one.


It all depends on the preferences of players. There are many advantages of reaching level 60 in less than one day. You can then continue with collecting legendary items and completing high-rank quests. On the other side, you can focus on having more fun while exploring each part of the map.