The popular MMORPG WoW is known for frequent updates, which is the main reason why there are so many loyal players who are enjoying this title for over a decade. The most recent expansion is Shadowlands, and one of the interesting things related to it is the comeback of Mage Tower.

The main purpose of this tower is to provide buffs that are essential for discovering different locations, items, and characters in the game. That will help you to boost much faster and complete various quests as well. The main point of the game is building a hero.

There is an additional way that will help you to level up, especially if you want to play in the arena, the PvP boost. When it comes to Mage Tower Challenge, its comeback will mean that you will be able to collect many additional rewards. Here are some important things to know about this challenge.

Main Features of Mage Tower


When this tower is active, you will be provided with Fel Treasures and additional buffs. Some of those buffs are challenges that can lead to your exclusive items, chests, and portals. Also, some buffs will award you with a bonus item after collecting the artifact, to walk on water, improve the status, and more.

Challenges For Different Classes


One of the biggest changes is that you don’t need an artifact. However, you will need to activate all challenges to reach the Mage Tower. The available challenges are Highlord Return, Closing the Eye, Feltotems Fall, Thwarting the Twins, End of the Risen Threat, and the God Queens Fury. Each of these challenges will be available for different classes like Hunters, Druids, Warriors, Rogue, Dead Knight, and more.

The main benefit of using this feature is that it can help you to build a specific class. That is perfect for people who rather focus on playing with the same character for a longer time so they can collect more powerful items and reach much higher levels. That will improve your performances in other aspects of the game as well.

More About Mage Tower

First of all, you have to know that your hero must be at least on level 45 to reach this challenge. Also, the interesting feature is the Werebear, especially for those who are playing with Guardian Druids. This tower is located in Stormwing City in the mage area.


With this tower being brought to the game again, it will be even more interesting to search for various quests and acquire new items. It is common for Blizzard to occasionally bring back some highly popular events. That is always a great way to break the monotony and keep the players interested in the game.

Also, there are rumors about the next expansion as well. According to some people, it might be released in 2024. Until then, you can enjoy yourself in dungeons, Mage Tower, Tower of the Damned, and many other features provided in the current version