Every human learns and develops every day along with the advancement of technique and technology, consciously or not. Nowadays, a smartphone is something without which no person cannot imagine the life of a modern man. It’s constantly in our hands and we are proud of our capability to manage it. Yet, as much as information and knowledge are available to us, there are myths about smartphones that we still believe in.

Here are some of the myths about smartphones that we found with the help of Major Droid and which we really should get rid of:

Turn off apps!

Source: milhostech.com

One of the popular myths is that shutting down apps saves your battery. Although it makes sense at first glance, this is far from the truth. In fact, closing apps and restarting them on a regular basis consumes more battery power than leaving apps open. Memory loading takes place every time we restart the application, and that is what attacks your battery the most. So: stop shutting down apps, especially the ones you use every day!

Dark background

Source: popsci.com

Another myth about battery saving is that darker background colors and minimal lighting save the smartphone battery. This myth is true only for screens that have LED lighting. If your screen, like most smartphone screens have, has an LCD screen, a dark color can only make your battery low. These devices are designed so that darker tones are displayed better, so NO, don’t place a dark background on your screen to save the battery.

Airplane mode

Source: llnwd.net

Another myth of saving the battery. It is a popular myth that if you put your smartphone in airplane mode, your battery will last longer. This mode is just the way your phone will work. The savings here are almost non-existent, and overcome this thinking as well.

More megapixels means better camera

Source: macworld.com

And this is one of the very popular myths about smartphones that we need to overcome. While this may sound logical at first glance, it is not. However, cameras with fewer pixels can take better photos than those with more pixels. The point is not in the amount of pixels, although it’s important for one camera to have them, but in their size. In the future, if someone asks you about the amount of pixelated cameras on your phone, know that they don’t understand photography at all.

Battery in the fridge?

Source: techadvisor.com

There is a story that the battery is stored by cooling and keeping it in the refrigerator. Not only that this is not true but it is also very dangerous for your phone. Exposing the phone or batteries to very low temperatures can seriously impair the phone’s functions. We live in a world of galloping development of technique and technology, and accordingly to that, today’s batteries in mobile phones are made so that they can withstand temperatures up to 35 degrees.

Phone on the charger all night

Source: unsplash.com

If you think about it, you will see how absurd the myth is that the phone’s battery will weaken whoever charges all night. However, when you put the phone on the charger, it does not charge up to 100%. And here the battery is full. The charging process stops. There is no need to remove it from the charger just because the battery is charged. Trust us, this certainly can’t damage your phone.

We hope we have helped some of you in removing any doubts regarding your smartphone. Don’t listen and blindly believe myths until you find proof for them. Until then, enjoy the many possibilities that today’s technology offers you.