Mrs “Cash Me Ousside, Howbow Dah” Says Soulja Boy Got Her Pregnant

“He caught me ousside, but we didn’t fight. We f**ked.”

Said now 16 year old that appeared on Dr. Phill some years ago asking audience members to “cash me ousside” and calling them a bunch of “hoes”.

Danielle Rimsky has been a troublemaker since birth, but her mother never expected her to get pregnant at the age of 16 by a has been rapper named Soulja Boy.

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NYC Man Builds Time Machine So He Can Go Back Show Mad Luv to Timberland Creator

“He changed my life deadass b. I owe him this much. Facts.”

Said Jaquan who plans to take money from his GoFundMe campaign to build a time machine.

Mr. Jaquan Munroe says he only needs about $20,000 more to start ordering parts, and complete the time machine that he says will basically change his life forever, because without meeting the man who created the Timberland boot.

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New York Mayor Approves Replacing Statue of Liberty with Giant Timberland Boot

“This is deadass the best idea a Mayor ever had b. Facts.”

Said one New Yorker who is all for replacing the statue of libery with a 100ft sculpture of a Wheat Timberland boot.

New York Mayor announced Friday night that a bill had been approved under Trump to replace the Statue of Liberty with something that better represented the city and fellow New Yorkers.

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FORBES: Trump Invests $30 Million into H&M Stock After ‘Cool Monkey’ Scandal – Earns $100M

“Trump doesn’t miss a chance to make money. H&M stock rose 300% and he cashed out”

Said one of Trump’s personal finance advisors through a discreet phone call with Forbes magazine.

“Trump doesn’t let a little controversy get in the way of making substantial financial gains. Nothing new”

Trump made a statement saying “I want to thank that black for helping me turn a racial crisis into a financial victory for everybody here at Trump Enterprises”.

Teammates Catch Odell Beckham Jr. Masturbating to Clemson Finger Butt Video

“He just kept playing it over, and over again”

Said a teammate of Odell Beckham after listening by the door as he jacked off.

Teammates of Odell Beckham caught him masturbating to the Clemson video of a player putting his finger in the opposing teams player butt.

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