Do you know that by investing in a country’s economy, you can obtain citizenship? Yes, you heard it right. Various countries offer such programs, which we are going to discuss in this article. If you are worried about its legitimacy, then let us break this for you: it is legal and a much quicker process than the standard immigration procedure.

People gain many benefits by obtaining citizenship through investment programs, and these advantages include gaining a valid passport, citizenship for life, visa-free travels, etc. Whereas on the other hand, the countries gain wealth when people contribute and support their economy. Now let us check out some countries that offer it and know more about their requirements.

  • Dominica:

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There are two ways in which one can get citizenship in Dominica via an investment program. The first method includes supporting the country’s economy by contributing to some government programs and the second one by making real estate investments. Dominica is a country that offers one of the most flexible and affordable second passports to individuals.

The primary benefit of getting full citizenship of this country is that you and your family can travel without a visa to almost 152 foreign countries, including the EU Schengen zone and the UK.

  • Antigua & Barbuda:

The second passport provided by Antigua & Barbuda through citizenship allows people to travel visa-free in almost 160 nations. These nations include Switzerland, Hongkong, the EU Schengen zone, and the UK. There are many ways by which people can get passport by investment in this country. The most well-known methods include investing 1 lakh dollars to the country’s National Development Fund and contributing about 1.5 million dollars in originating a business.

  • St Lucia:

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St Lucia has launched one of the most popular and latest investment programs by which people can obtain a passport. There are four ways to achieve this objective: investing in National Economic Funds, real estate, a business, and government bonds. The most significant benefit that you can enjoy by getting this citizenship is that you won’t have to pay huge taxes as St Lucia has got low tax rates for its residents.

  • Turkey:

Unfamiliar financial backers can take advantage of plenty of business possibilities with admittance to both European and Asian business sectors, just as the additional benefit of getting a Turkish identification through the Turkey citizenship via investment program. The land decisions require the obtaining of property for at least USD 250,000 or more costs.

This country offers colossal tax incentives to unfamiliar financial backers or foreign investors. The nation requires no charges on cash procured outside of the country. You are additionally liberated from paying any tax if you stay in the country for under a half year out of every year.

  • Portugal:

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Another most popular investment program in Europe is the Portugal Golden Visa program which draws in many visitors due to the benefits and flexibility. A person needs to invest approximately 5 lakh Euros in the country to get a permanent resident for himself along with his family members.